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about us

ALUA vegan Ice Cream & More is the first completely vegan ice cream factory and patesserie in Dresden Neustadt.

We offer a variety of plant-based ice cream and sorbet. Pea, soy, almond, hazelnut, oat and coconut milk form the basis of the delicious plant-based ice creams.

If you want to be pampered by pure ice cream enjoyment and completely without animal dairy products, you've come to the right place!

The ALUA team is currently looking forward to 25 regularly changing types of ice cream.

Some of our varieties are for example:

New York Cheesecakes, Florentine Hazelnut

Apple-mint, blueberry-lavender

White chocolate with cokies, macadamia - poppy seeds

Lemon sage, Iranian pistachio,

Salts - Maca Caramel , blue Spirolina - Coconut,

Black sesame, mango pasion fruit,

Matcha green tea, peanut, black - vanilla - coconut

and of course the classics like vanilla, strawberry, banana ...

Mädchen, das Eis am Stiel isst

Cake and co

What else do you offer, raw food cakes ect


Sustainable, how does it work ect.

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