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as a trained chef and I completed my apprenticeship in 1996 in a cooking school. After that I worked for many years in upscale gastronomy.

I've been a self-employed private chef since 2004, and I've been to the best restaurants and caterers in Germany on my way.

As a result, I was able to gain very good experiences and insights that I can incorporate into my daily work today.

With my professional, well-founded knowledge, I can respond flexibly to your needs.

The passion and the lifestyle for the vegan diet began 4 years ago, as the vegetable cuisine was no stranger to me  It wasn't difficult for me to switch.


Currently I am implementing  Distance learning to become a vegan nutritionist at the Ecodemy Academy.

Cooking with plant-based products has broadened my technical cooking horizons, which I now live and which I would like to pass on. 

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